A downloadable project

I'm developing a credit/token system for my multiplayer online system: http://fuse.rupy.se.

THIS IS UNDER DEVELOPMENT: It does not work yet!

THIS DOES NOT GIVE YOU ANYTHING TO DOWNLOAD: Instead you link your itch account email with my external service and I validate the purchase over the server API!

1 penny = 10 coins.

Right now I'm thinking 10 coins per-play on test and 2x that on live (1 penny and 2 pennies) or 1/2 coin(s) per-minute (10 minutes for 1/2 penny) which ever is cheapest. Also this means minimum 10/20 when you give coins.

The difference between test and live being that test has development going on and live has servers in your region!

You'll also be able to sponsor me on https://github.com/sponsors/tinspin for 1/2$ month (test/live), so to compare these if you play more than 16 hours or 100 sessions in a month you should probably subscribe.

Just a quick reminder, when you pay 1$, I receive only 0.47$ after transaction fees and 30% tax: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/nra-withholding (I have resubmitted my tax interview, we'll see)

On github I get 1$ it seems, so I'm going to give sponsors 500 coins to give away!

Ok, bad news: 1) itch.io tax interview is borked and they don't care. 2) github can't handle VAT so it's also borked. I'm going to have to make my own itch.io clone using stripe and the Swedish government VAT API!


This project is currently unavailable